NEBOSH International General  Certificate Course ( English and Arabic ), NEBOSH Process Safety Management (PSM), NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety (IOGC)

Who is the qualification designed for?
This qualification is designed for anyone (managers, supervisors and workers) in any type of organisation. It’s ideal for anyone who needs a broad understanding of health and safety issues to be able to manage day-to-day risks effectively. Many people take the International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) as a first step in a career in health and safety. It gives a valuable overview and is a sound basis for further professional study.

Entry requirements 
There are no entry requirements for this qualification, however, it is important that learners have a suitable standard of English language in order to understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus if he/she wants to take the course in English. 
The course is divided into 2 units:
 Unit IG1: Management of health and safety 
Unit IG2: Practical risk assessment
 The International General Certificate can be studied in multiple languages, and we provide this qualification in 2 languages English and Arabic 

Achieving the qualification
The IGC has two unit assessments; you must achieve a ‘Pass’ in each unit to be awarded the qualification. You will have five years to complete your qualification. 

The five-year period starts from the date you passed your first successful unit (we call this the ‘declaration date’). Any unit that is five or more years old will not count towards the qualification and you will need to retake this/these unit(s) if you still want to complete the qualification.

How it is assessed:

Assessment is a two-step process:
IG1 - An open book examination to assess what you know. This is scenario based and will include a closing interview, you will be asked questions about your submission. The exam is open-book, so you'll be able to use the internet, your course materials, and any other resources. You have 24 hours to upload the questions and your answers through the NEBOSH exam portal provide to each learner. IG2 - A practical risk assessment to assess what you can do (3 hours). Learners will complete a risk assessment and develop an action plan for their workplace.

Re-sitting unit(s) 
You may re-sit a unit assessment if: 
• you achieved a ‘Pass’ in a unit that is five or more years old and you need it to achieve the qualification; • you are ‘Referred’ (ie, don’t pass); or 
• want to retake Unit IG1 to get a higher grade (Unit IG2 is ‘Pass’ or ‘Refer’ and does not count towards the qualification grade). 
There is no limit to the number of times you can re-sit unit(s) within the five-year period. A refund will not be given if you register to re-sit a unit before an original unit result is known. If your re-sit result is lower than the original mark, you will keep the original mark awarded for the unit. Re-sit marks are not capped.

Qualification grades 
The qualification grade is based on the result from Unit IG1
 Distinction: 75 marks or higher
 Credit: 65 - 74 marks

Pass: 45 - 64 marks 

Professional membership 

Once you have your qualification parchment for the IGC, you can apply for the following memberships. International Institute of Risk and Safety Management Associate AIIRSM

 Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Associate AIOSH, Technical Tech IOSH

Contact details

 We have a ‘Whatsapp’ support groups on number 009647832365648 for our learners based on tutor groups where learners can ask the tutor questions outside of class and receive a timely response. Our tutors are always available from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm 5 days per week to answer any questions from learners.

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